Australian sports medalists at last: Invictus athletes honored at war memorial ceremony


Veteran athletes received one of the country’s highest sporting accolades at a ceremony at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Last year, 2 Go Drive presenter Jim Wilson was horrified to learn that the Australian sports medals promised to participants in the 2018 Invictus Games had still not been awarded.

After a long campaign for their efforts to be recognized, the medals were disentangled from the paperwork and given to the recipients.

Australian team co-captain and former sergeant Peter Rudland joined Jim in the Canberra studio, pondering the rationale.

“The smile has not disappeared.

“I have a few other medals from various operations and the like, but this one today is, I think, the most satisfying.”

Major Brigid Baker was medically released while serving in Afghanistan and explained to Jim how sport helped her regain the sense of identity she lost when she was sent home .

“I had the opportunity to promote what it is like to be a veteran and how we are viewed these days.

“We all had a similar shared experience, and to be there this morning in such a sacred place, it was almost like everyone was looking down on us.”

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