Capitol report by Senator Mike Cierpiot for September 30, 2021 – Missouri Senate



Recognizing Our Korean War Veterans

A sequel to World War II, the Korean War is often referred to as the “Forgotten War,” but for the brave individuals who fought there, this war is anything but forgotten. Between 1950 and 1953, the Korean War called 1.5 million Americans to service, and in the end, more than 37,000 Americans gave their lives to defend freedom on the Korean Peninsula. More than 900 of these people were from Missouri, including more than 100 from the Kansas City area.

To ensure these sacrifices are never forgotten, in 2020 the Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 656, which I sponsored in the Senate. This statute designates the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial in downtown Kansas City as the official memorial to the Missouri Korean War Veterans. The memorial, located in Washington Square Park directly north of the Crown Center Hotel, honors Missourians lost in the war, as well as South Korean survivors and victims.

Senator Cierpiot met with Korean War survivor Yong Kim (left) and veterans Al Lemieux (middle) and Paul Rojas (right).

On Tuesday, September 28, I had the opportunity to meet with the memorial organizers, Korean War veterans, the governor and several of my fellow lawmakers to celebrate this well-deserved designation. While the celebration was originally scheduled for last year, it was delayed due to the pandemic. Yet it’s always a great opportunity to honor our military when we can. Throughout my work with the Memorial Board of Trustees, I have been impressed by their dedication to preserving the legacy of Korean War veterans, past and present, and I am honored to have played a supporting role in their mission.

No war is fought without sacrifice, and I believe we should always take the time to honor and remember those who have served. By designating the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial as the official Missouri memorial, I hope more people visit the memorial, learn about the Korean War, and ensure that the sacrifices of those who fought in the America’s “forgotten war” are never truly forgotten.

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