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The Silent Generation

Edmund “Ed” Nasser of Lawrence is a United States Navy veteran, who has dedicated his entire life to his family, his church and his community. He is well known in the Merrimack Valley through his involvement with St Patrick’s Church for most of his adult life. Ed Nasser grew up in South Lawrence where he attended Wetherbee School and Lawrence High School.

After high school, Ed served in the United States Navy as a petty officer 3rd class on the aircraft carrier USS Cabot CVL-28. His US Navy rating was Machinist Mate Industrial Gas Generating or MMG. The rating was originally established as a Finisher rating in 1880, then renamed Machinist in 1884. The Navy reverted to the original Finisher name in 1895, but sailors preferred the name Machinist’s Mate, and it became official in 1904. Another engine room ratings, Boiler Technician (BT) was merged into the Machinist’s Mate rating on 1 October 1996.

During World War II and the Korean War (Ed served during the Korean War era), the engine room of a United States Navy warship was manned by a group of very talented and well-educated sailors. trained. These enlisted qualifications assigned to the engine room included Boilermakers (B), Water Tenders (WT), Machinist’s Journeyman (MM), Blacksmith (M), Molder (ML), and Journeyman electrician (EM). These sailors worked in the ship’s engine room like a ballet, maintaining the power and speed of the US Navy warship.

U.S. Navy Machinist’s Mates operate, maintain, and repair (at the organizational and intermediate level) ships’ propulsion machinery, auxiliary equipment, and outboard machinery, such as: steering motor, lifting machinery, prep equipment food, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, windlasses, elevators and laundry equipment; operate and maintain (at organizational and intermediate level) marine boilers, pumps, forced draft blowers and heat exchangers; perform testing, transfers and inventories of lubricating oils, fuels and water; maintain records and reports; and generating and storing industrial gases. This last task, “stow industrial gases, was Ed’s primary focus during his career in the US Navy as MMG3 or Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Typical of America’s greatest generation (Ed’s age group is also known as the silent generation, as they were younger than World War II veterans), Ed worked hard to support his wife, Lucie, and two daughters, Helen, and Mary Ann. Ed has worked for First National Supermarkets, Bond Bread, Lawrence School Department as caretaker at Lawler, Kane and Hennessey schools. He then worked for the Lawrence Parks Department, then retired from the Lawrence Water Department.

Very fit all his life, swimming regularly at the Plains Community Center, Ed was also very involved in his church and community. Many at St. Patrick’s Parish once tell the story of Ed swimming along a New Hampshire lake during a barbecue at St. Patrick’s Parish. He served as both sexton and Eucharistic minister at St Patrick’s in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Ed is always ready to help, volunteering with the Holy Name Society, the Men of St Patrick, especially at church barbecues, and serving his fellow Lawrence citizens at Cor Unum. Ed is a member of the Disabled American Veterans.

Lawrence in the 1950s to 1980s was populated by thousands of these hard-working, church-going husbands and fathers, most of them veterans of World War II and Korea. What distinguishes Ed and his brother, veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War, from our veterans today is their high level of commitment to their community.

These men, who spent their youth defending our nation, joined civic groups and especially veterans organizations, in large numbers, coached youth sports, raised their families and built great communities. safe and dynamic. As a representative of the Silent Generation, true to America’s Greatest Generation values, Lawrence’s Ed Nasser is truly a hero among us!

The Dracut American Legion invites all Valley Patriot readers and their families to our Flag Day Flag Removal Ceremony, Tuesday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Dracut American Legion at 574 Broadway in Dracut. This is a free family event. We also ask all WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to call (603) 518-5368 and sign up for an honor flight to the memorials. in Washington, DC! Veterans of all eras are invited to go to the American Legion website and join the American Legion; our mission is to work with Congress, preserving the benefits of our veterans for future generations.

John Cuddy served in the US Navy Construction Battalions (also known as Seabees) after retiring from the US Navy; he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts at the Lowell campus. He has worked in logistics at FedEx for 25 years. If you know a WWII, Korean War, or Vietnam War veteran who would like their story told, please email them at ◊


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