Purple poppies at Albion Gardens Destiny memorial to mark lives of service animals lost in war – Reuters

The Crafty Poppies band at Destiny Photo Brian Whitehead

Purple poppies adorn the railings leading to the Ramsgate Memorial of Doom in Albion Garden.

Poppies should commemorate all animals that lost their lives in world wars. The official Memorial Day for these souls is August 23.

The poppies were made by knitting, crocheting or looming by members of Ramsgate’s Crafty Poppies Group. Members also create stunning displays of red poppies for remembrance in November.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The group’s founder, Jo Hanchett, said: “August 23 is the day we remember the animals who served in wars. To commemorate the date, Ramsgate-based women’s group Crafty Poppies decorated the Destiny Town War Memorial, located in Albion Gardens.

Photo Brian Whitehead

“The purple poppies are all handmade crochet, knit or loom. This year the poppies have been applied to panels so the different shades of purple look lovely on the railings leading up to and around the monument.

Photo Brian Whitehead

Grade II listed Destiny was presented to the city by Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills and unveiled in December 1920. Its purpose was to commemorate all those who had contributed to the 1914-18 war – remembering those who survived as well as those who died – including animals.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The purple poppy was created in 2006 to commemorate animal victims of war by the charity Animal Aid.

If you like what the Crafty Poppies Group does, they have a collection box for the Royal British Legion at Lovetts 78 High Street, Ramsgate.

Crafty Poppies contributors Marle, Maggie, Maxine, Carol, Jan and Jo and mascots Dylan and Diddy.

If you want to help but aren’t comfortable with yarn, you can donate 2-ply acrylic yarn. Red, purple and black (for the centers) are the colors used.

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If you want to see the signs around Destiny, they’ll be up until the end of August.

Learn more about the Crafty Poppies facebook page here


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