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Amol Rajan apologizes for critical comments about Royals

The journalist who ran a BBC documentary examining the relationship between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex and the media apologized for the critical comments he made about the royal family ten years ago .

Amol Rajan, 38, described the Duke of Edinburgh as a ‘racist jester’ and the Prince of Wales as ‘scientifically illiterate’ in a 2012 article on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for the Independent newspaper, which he said. used to write.

The article described the event as “little more than the industrialization of mediocrity” and also criticized William and Harry.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Rajan, who is the BBC’s media editor and presenter of Radio 4’s Today program, apologized for his comments.

He said: “With reference to very reasonable questions on a senseless comment from a past life, I want to say that I deeply regret it.

“I’ve written some crass and immature things and now look back on them with real embarrassment, and I wonder what I was thinking, frankly.

“I would like to apologize for any offense they caused then or now.

“I am totally committed to fairness and hope that our recent programs can be judged on their merits.”



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